Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Then Some

   We had quite the busy weekend! I went out to dinner with my loverly friends Allison and Jessica on Friday night - I love them! Matt went off golfing with dad on Saturday morning, so that left Allie and I to have a sister day! We took graduation photos of Al's cute friend, Jalene - I shot film for the first time in three years :) We got lunch from Jimmy Johns (um, I love them) and yummy cookies from Rubysnap, then went to a bridal shower for my friend Cyndi!
   Matt and I also got a fabulous Easter gift - a new niece! This is Charlotte!
   Yeah - so cute!
   We also got a new cousin!

   My cousin Jim proposed to his girlfriend, Kasey! Yay for family!
   We had a way fun Easter egg hunt and Kasey got the best, ring-filled egg! I love being with my family - they are so wonderful! Life is so amazing!
   More photos of the egg hunt and other things coming! I'm so excited to get my film developed from Jalene's grad session, I can hardly stand it!!


Sarah said...

Such fun news! Your niece is way cute!

Amber said...

Did you switch to film? After Sharon's class? :)

Erin and Matt said...

I have been shooting film since her class, but none of it has been developed yet! I'm way excited to see them! But everything I have up is still digital. I am loving the film, hopefully they turn out ok! Crossing my fingers!