Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 25 :)

It's my birthday today and I was thinking about all the wonderful people I share my birthday month with (it is, after all, the best month to celebrate a birthday)! Thanks for the birthday wishes in advance - I love all of you! I really never thought I would reach this age, not that I thought I wouldn't live to be 25, just that when I was 16 I could never see my self this old. When Matt hit 25 this last Wednesday my birthday seemed so far away, now it's here (and he is constantly reminding me that he's older than me, albeit by only four days). In the last few years it has become alarmingly clear that I'm an adult and as such I must complete my education, grow up and work for the next 25 years (at least), but as my wonderful husband puts it, "we must make the best of every situation." There are benefits to aging - driving, voting and getting married, to name a few. 
Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to be nothing more than myself - I will always remember your words of encouragement and insight. As for growing older I just think that we must always stay young at heart. As the famous song says, 

Here's to 70 more years of birthdays and bliss!

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