Thursday, February 11, 2010

Park Walkin' with Jen & Ezra!

My sister-in-law has had a brilliant idea. She has made a blog that will document the 30+ parks in the San Mateo, Calif. area. She saw a need for a guide to these parks letting parents know what to expect and what kinds of fun things are waiting their for them and their little ones. So, she has decided to do that for the parents of the bay area! How cool is that? You can take a look at her blog here
I think it's wonderful that she has decided to do this! What a great way for her, Talin and Ezra to explore the amazing places around their home! I must say that I'm jealous that they have such beautiful weather year-round. Good job Jen! I'm so excited to read more, and hopefully come with you on some of your adventures when we come to visit - which, hopefully, will be some time soon!
And I had to share this adorable picture from her blog - I love it!

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Jen said...

Oh Erin you are so nice to write about my little project! We can't WAIT for you to come and join us on our park adventures!! =)