Sunday, November 8, 2009

City Love - Reasons to Visit New York City

I wanted to start a Sunday series of blogs and while at work tonight I thought, "why do I like New York?" So I decided to tell you all why I want to visit this awesome place. I'll also share some fun pics from my previous two trips to one of my favorite places on earth. Here is reason number one..
Black and White Cookies from Dean & Deluca! Nestled right next to Rockefeller Plaza, Dean & Deluca offers high-end confections. From hot cider to the best chocolate-dipped strawberries, this place is heaven - if I could design my own heaven it would be this little nook. The mentioned cookies have a hint of lemon in the frosting and a wonderful shortbread underbelly - scrumptious! When I went to New York with my cousin, Nicci, I bought about four boxes and ate two of them on our way to Vermont - I also almost got hit by a car crossing the road to get to the shop - it wasn't a scheduled stop for us on our trip. She didn't like them, but that's ok because then I didn't have to share. I also had to pay extra to get my bag home from the Cincinnati airport  - it was overweight.
When we went to the city in 2003 with my high school concert choir I don't think we went - I think it was my brother who introduced us to them. He's the one that finds the cool stuff.
Me and Nicci on Ellis Island in 2006! We had such a wonderful time - we spent about two days in the city before embarking on our church history tour through about five states. We saw "Mama Mia" and ate at an awesome pizza place - we should have written down the name of that one. But everyone else on the tour with us went to McDonald's to eat. Word to the wise - when you're in New York, or anywhere amazing for that matter, you don't eat at McDonald's if you can help it. We did when we went there for our high school tour, but where else can you go that has fair prices and something for everyone? But we'll forget that and default to my former advice.
I love New York and can't wait to experience it with Matt.

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