Friday, December 18, 2009

Mom's Christmas Tree

Matt and I were able to spend last weekend with my family - we had so much fun shopping and hanging out! I love Christmastime with family. This weekend we're heading to Wyoming to spend time with Matt's fam - I haven't packed anything yet, need to get going on that (fingernail biting). So, every year mom puts up a killer tree - full of memories! I love taking time to peruse the ornaments, every one has a different story - mom buys a new ornament every year and puts all our names on it, she was so happy to add Jen, Matt and baby Ezra to her collection! These are the things I hope to add to my tree so my kids will feel this same way about Christmas. It's all mom & dad, they have brought this love into our lives and I'm forever grateful for that. My "Baby's First Christmas" ornament is a little mouse lying in an acorn - I love it! I love this tree - and I didn't even get a picture of the topper - a black top hat! I love my family so much - nothing in the world means more. Christmas reminds me of home and I so enjoy making new memories with Matt - and I can't wait to make more! Merry Christmas everyone - I can't think of a better time to tell you how much I appreciate your support and love.
Enjoy mom's tree! She's a pro at this!

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