Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm not going to say resolution...well, I might.

Matt and I have decided to get healthy. That means loosing weight and eating right. So, with a closet-full, well two, of clothes that I could fit into if I only would loose 20 lbs - we're heading into this with full force. We actually started on Dec. 30th, so now we have a running head start. Every Friday we will be tracking our progress on our blog (thanks to our inspiration, Amber). I think that things will go better if we have someone to be accountable to, and that someone is you! Thank you in advance.

 - Erin -
Starting Weight: 237 (yikes!)
Goal: 155 (based on height and age from Weight Watchers)
Short Term Goal: 15 lbs. in 3 months

 - Matt -
Starting Weight: 229
Short Term Goal: 1.1 pound in 1 week (hehe)

So, it's 82 pounds to loose for me and 42 pounds for Matt. Wish us luck!
And now, inspirational photo time!


Cloud Family said...

Props on the goals! We love you guys!

The Waltons said...

Way to go! We're following your example!