Monday, January 11, 2010

That Toothy Grin

I started watching Josh for the semester again today. I have so much fun with Josh - and as he gets older he gets more fun! He jabbers and then you ask him a question and he gives you a distinct 'yes,' how cute is that? Also, whenever you point a camera toward this little guy, this is what you get -
That great, big toothy grin! I love it!
He loves string cheese and sitting on his Josh-size couch. My favorite is when he just wakes up and gives you a smile - he so refreshed after a good nap!
We always have fun playing with cars, blocks and watching 'Handy Manny.' It's awesome to get a chance to hang out with a baby before Matt and I have babies! I've also gotten some amazing advice from his mom, Amanda!
He's such a good boy! Oh, and he folds his arms on his own now when we pray in church - adorable!

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