Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Favorite Meal

Matt and I are totally breakfast people. I would eat breakfast for every meal. Anyway, we love this. Butter both sides of your bread slice, then cut out a hole in the middle - I use the cap of my Pam cooking spray. Stick it in the pan and then crack an egg and pour it into the bread hole. Cook until golden-brown on each side (a little longer if you don't like a really runny yolk).
We call it the Gopher Hole. You can add cheese, or even chili like Matt did for dinner last night!
On a more frustrating note, I went out to get in our car yesterday - we were out of toilet paper - and we had a ticket on our car from the campus parking office. Now, it's only $14 but, in the grand scheme of things, it's about the twentieth ticket I've payed during my seven years here So, if I've payed $300, give or take, to the university for parking, can you imagine how much money they make every year? Man, I was so livid yesterday - especially since they don't ticket for the whole first week of school over on South Campus (I know that because I lived in Merrill Hall for five years and every first week of the semester drove me crazy because anyone could park in our lot - that's one of the times I got a ticket, I parked in a red zone because I was so mad that there was not place to park in front of my building). So, I tweeted my anger, calling the parking office a bunch of bloodsuckers. After a couple comments from a cry-baby acquaintance - that I made my friend on Facebook after meeting him while he was working with Matt - about his mom working in the parking office, I discontinued my Facebook friendship with him and have since gotten even more irate. He said I should watch out whose mom I'm calling a bloodsucker - oooohhhh, I'm scared of you Mr. Facebook Commenter.
Anyway, I was parked in the correct lot - but we don't have a pass for our second car. Our other car is not starting and will hopefully be fixed soon - but I didn't want to pay the exorbitant amount of money the parking office makes you pay for a pass for a car that will only be around for a short while. Matt is correct, I should calm down about the whole thing - but I am so ready to get out of this place! I'm so sick of giving this university my money! Especially when we have both lived on campus our entire collegiate careers - that's upwards of $2400 a year from both of us. Crap! Plus a rise in tuition each year - man!
In the long run I know I'll feel guilt and remorse, but for now we'll call this my first blog rant and be done with it.


Amber said...

Parking tickets make me livid! haha. Oh and I LOVE breakfast too. I could eat it every day for every meal. I love all breakfast foods! Too bad going out to eat for breakfast is so many calories, but luckily I only go like 2 times a year. Sooooo goood.

April Celeste Garff said...

Steve makes these for me when he actually wakes up by the time I get back from running. He calls them "hole in one". We love them!